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Bill Me Later is a billing system used by online stores to allow customers to buy what you want now and pay for it later. There’s often a minimum purchase amount required to take advantage of this option. Ordinarily, there’s a grace period of anywhere from 60 to 90 days during which you don’t have to pay anything. After the grace period expires you’ll be charged interest. You can avoid paying the interest or finance charge if you pay off the bill before the grace period expires.Bill me later sites.

The no finance charge period and interest rates can vary, so it is best to find out this information before making the purchase. Bill Me Later also requires a credit check so if you have bad credit you’re better off using a deferred billing code and shopping at one of the pay later sites. Some stores offer special promotions for new customers. Online stores offering bill me later. List of pay Later stores.

Bill Me Later Stores

Auto Parts Warehouse Bill me later sites.
Camping World – Shop now pay later. – Pay Later Jewelry
Lakeside Collection – Deferred billing catalogs.
Panasonic billmelater computers
Toshiba – Paypal bill me later.
Wal-Mart – Apply for Bill Me Later.

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