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501 Quantitative comparability Questions is helping arrange scholars for key educational flair tests-including the PSAT/NMSQT, the SAT, and the GRE-which characteristic a quantitative comparability part in the math section of the examination. 501 Quantitative comparability Questions is designed to assist scholars arrange for this really expert math part, mastery of that is crucial for reputation to fascinating colleges and jobs. through finishing the routines during this booklet, scholars can elevate their math wisdom and achieve familiarity with really expert questions had to rating excessive. The booklet good points whole solutions, every one with an entire clarification

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32 < 35. Quantity B is greater. (16)(2) = 32 and (͙35 81. d. The relationship cannot be determined. There is not enough information to determine an answer. 82. c. 26 = 64; therefore, r = 2. 25 = 32. Both quantities are equal to 32. 12 = m6 and (m2)5 = m10; since m is greater than 1, quantity B 83. b. ͙m ෆ is greater than quantity A. 84. b. 4y. 2y. 2y. Quantity B is greater. 85. b. 20 to get 24 more refrigerators sold. Add 24 to the number of refrigerators sold last year to get the number sold this year; 120 + 24 = 144; 144 refrigerators were sold this year.

The sum of the roots is 7 + −3 = 4. The product of the roots is (−7)(3) = −21. 138. c. The arch is in the shape of a parabola, and the maximum arch height (the y value) is the height at the vertex. 2 = 10. 1(10) . 1(100) = 20 − 10 = 10. So the maximum arch height is 10 feet. 139. b. By the distributive property, x(x + 7) = x2 + 7x for column A. Since x < 0, x is negative, and therefore 7x is negative, x2 + 7 will be greater in this case. 140. a. The quantity (x + 3)2 = (x + 3)(x + 3). By the distributive property, this equals x2 + 3x + 3x + 9 = x2 + 6x + 9.

8 more than any number (p + 8) is more than 8 less than that number ( p − 8). 5. d. The relationship cannot be determined. If the value of x is 0, then both quantities are 0. If the value of x is positive, then 35x is greater than 31x. If the value of x is negative, then 31x is greater than 35x. 6. a. Since a is a negative number (a < 0), a2 is a positive number because a negative times a negative is a positive; a3 is a negative number because three negatives multiply to a negative answer. A positive is always greater than a negative, so quantity A is greater than quantity B.

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