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As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been a superb booklet for that target. i'd definately reccomend.

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Someone who is irascible c. someone who is puerile d. someone who is sanguine 48. Which character trait would you least like to see in a soldier? a. b. c. d. craven overweening pretentious surly 49. Which character trait would you least like to see in a judge? a. b. c. d. capricious circumspect personable punctilious 50. Which character trait would you least like to see in a supervisor? a. b. c. d. blithe bumptious overweening petulant For the following questions, choose the person who would most likely have the characteristic or attitude noted in italics.

1. to issue a thunderous verbal attack; berate. 2. to explode or detonate. The senator was prone to fulminate when other legislators questioned her ideology. immolate ( im·o˘·layt) v. 1. to kill, as a sacrifice. 2. to ruin by fire. 3. to destroy (one thing for another). In a desperate attempt to make a point about what she considered an inappropriate book, Sophia decided to immolate the book in public. interdict (in·te˘r· dikt) v. to prohibit, forbid. Carlos argued that the agriculture department should interdict plans to produce genetically modified foods.

Irascible (i· ras·˘·be˘l) adj. irritable, easily aroused to anger; hot tempered. Her irascible temperament caused many problems with the staff at the office. overweening (oh·ve˘r· wee·nin ) adj. 1. presumptuously arrogant, overbearing. 2. excessive, immoderate. I quit because I couldn’t stand to work for such an overweening boss. perfidious (pe˘r· fid·i·u˘s) adj. treacherous, dishonest; violating good faith, disloyal. The perfidious knight betrayed his king. personable ( pur·so˘·na˘·be˘l) adj. pleasing in appearance or manner; attractive.

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