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1. Returning to the region above Tc, Fig. 3 shows the D versus E plot here. , shown by the curve labelled T c + 2°, the hysteresis loop has disappeared, flattening out to a single curve which, nonetheless, still shows some evidence of dielectric saturation in the curvature ,at high fields. At still higher temperatures the dielectric constant is lower, and the characteristic is perfectly linear as in an ordinary dielectric. Another characteristic of the region above the Curie point which is strikingly similar to the behavior of ferromagnets is the Curie-Weiss law.

Which is required to return the induction to zero, the remanent polarizaDr tion P r = at zero applied field, 4r and the saturation polarization, the polarization P8 of a hypothetical specimen with all domains parallel at no field. This latter quantity can be obtained by linearly extrapolating the saturation line at high fields back to the E = 0 axis: this is shown in Fig. 1. In BaTi0 3 the saturation polarization is larger than in the other classes perature for a single crystal of BaTi0 3 . A very high peak occurs at the "Curie point" TL.

But the i, f matrix elements of any vector component are determined, exclusive of a constant factor, by the transformation property. 14 Thus we can say (m| (Ti-l(t-^t+TWT'(t->t+T))Av overl\m'") = F{r){m\^'\m'"), (38) where F(j) is a scalar. We are now in a position to set up the differential ftf The case of higher multipole transitions is easily worked out and, interestingly, leads usually to a different breadth. 11 E. U. Condon and G. H. Shortley, Theory of Atomic Spectra (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1935), Chapter III.

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