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This is not to imply that bonds necessarily play any more significant a role in governmental or corporate policy, but does ilJustrate a major difference in both investor attitudes and banking practices. General1y, the European investor has a preference for bonds over shares despite the long history shares have had in the development of many national economies. This preference has been created and nurtured by the role that commercial, al1-service banks have played. The specific reasons for the bond tradition are as diverse as the national economies themselves, but one or two generalisations can be made concerning it.

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Although this latter statement is still generally true and proved by price behaviour in the various markets, the increasing popularity of monetary theory in both Britain and America has led to the demise of the first theory, namely that more money stock was good medicine for the stock markets. The ever-growing emphasis upon monetarism has led to the newly formulated notion that an expanding money supply creates a demand pull inflation which is inimical to rising stock prices because it debases savings and corporate profits.

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