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In this publication the writer makes an attempt to maneuver past basically determining and substantiating OT allusions in Revelation to contemplating how the presence of OT allusions and echoes impacts interpreting Rev. 21.1-22.5 and the way the OT features in the context of the whole paintings. the writer concludes number of semantic results come to mind by way of the author's non-stop intertextual attract the OT: new production, new exodus, new Jerusalem, new covenant, bridge, new temple-priesthood, paradise restored and renewed, inclusion of the countries, prophetic legitimization. the varied allusions functionality to form the reader's belief of eschatological hope.

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1-3 b. Oracles against the nations: Isa. 7-9 4. Eschatological salvation: a. Salvation oracles in anticipation: Isa. 8b b. Oracles of renewal: Isa. 1 c. New Jerusalem oracles: Isa. 1-3,5,11,1910 While Revelation apparently does not follow the order of Isaiah as it does that of Ezekiel, it is obvious that Isaiah provides an important Vorbild for John's composition. These observations on the influence of Ezekiel and Isaiah on the book of Revelation as a whole have important implications for approaching the use of the Old Testament in Rev.

247. 67 Therefore, how are we to account for the way John has transformed his Old Testament imagery in Rev. 5, a process which has had a profound affect on the shape of Ezek. 40—48? In response to these questions, Moyise has suggested that 'intertextuality' is the key to accounting for John's allusive appeal to Ezek. 40-48. According to Moyise, both texts stand in dialogical tension, with neither text (Rev. 5 or Ezek. 40-48) swallowing up the other. Moyise has alerted us to the fact that clues that enable interpretation to take place come from two contexts, the Old Testament and Revelation, and that Old Testament texts bring with them certain connotations that cannot be easily silenced.

Hays, Echoes of Scripture, p. 23. 85. See Vogelgesang, 'Interpretation of EzekieP, pp. 124-28; Sim, Das himmlische Jerusalem. 26 A New Heaven and a New Earth use of the Old Testament in Rev. 5 to its Greco-Roman moorings, a different aspect of 'intertextuality'. 87 My own study has found no reason to depart from this perspective. 5 to the LXX or Aramaic. Chapters 2-7 will investigate the presence of the Old Testament in Rev. 5, focusing on the meaning and function of the Old Testament in light of the methodological considerations discussed above.

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