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By Debora Mahlke

Optimization difficulties concerning doubtful information come up in lots of parts of business and fiscal purposes. Stochastic programming presents an invaluable framework for modeling and fixing optimization difficulties for which a chance distribution of the unknown parameters is on the market. stimulated by means of useful optimization difficulties taking place in strength structures with regenerative power provide, Debora Mahlke formulates and analyzes multistage stochastic mixed-integer versions. for his or her answer, the writer proposes a singular decomposition process which is determined by the concept that of splitting the underlying situation tree into subtrees. in line with the formulated versions from strength construction, the set of rules is computationally investigated and the numerical effects are mentioned.

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22e) Note that initializing the variables zi1 for all i ∈ I is not necessary, as this value directly follows from the initial production level p¯i1 , assuming > 0. pmin i 26 Chapter 3. 4 Objective Function The major objective of this problem is the minimization of the total costs incurred by the power supply network, which basically consist of three parts: the costs of the plants, the costs of the storages, and finally the import costs. Concerning a power plant i ∈ I in time period t ∈ T \ {1}, the costs cpow it are given by the sum of fuel costs, the variable costs, and the start-up cost: cpow = γif uel it pit pit up + γivar + γiup yit .

12) T xup vk + k=i+l ≤ 0, k=i+L T xvT − xdown vk k=i for all s ∈ S with corresponding path (v1 , . . , vT ). For these 2N − 2 + |S|(2T − L − l) inequalities, we show that they also define facets of the stochastic polytope PΓ,L,l . For the proof, the following points are needed, satisfying all constraints of PΓ,L,l . First we consider the trivial points in R3N −2 eon := (1, . . , 1, 0, . . , 0, 0, . . , 0) , which corresponds to a power plant which is operating in all time steps and eoff := (0, .

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