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Explain your answer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9. Daniel wants to mention the number of cars in the city of Los Angeles in a report. Is it more appropriate for him to use an exact number or an estimate? Explain your answer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10. Mrs. Franklin is about to go to the drug store to pick up her prescriptions. 57.

B = 14 and h = 14 ------------------------------- 3. Write and evaluate an expression for the area of each of the following triangles. a. 8 cm 15 cm b. 3 in when x = 12 ----------------------------------------------- when g = 7 yd and h = 4 yd ----------------------------------------------- x in c. h © 2007 CGP Inc. 2 43 4. The area of a rectangle is 120 ft2, and its length is 12 ft. Write and solve an equation to find its width. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5.

At what level did the geologist find sample Z? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b. Place the three numbers representing the depths the geologist found the samples at in order from greatest to least. 8. Order each of the following from greatest to least: 14 a. 58 --------------------------- b. 002 --------------------------- c. 01 --------------------------- d. 1 --------------------------- e. 2 © 2007 CGP Inc. 1 Example Round 23475 to the nearest hundred.

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