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The prototypical relative clause differs structurally from a main clause in either of two ways. The type illustrated by which he had recommended has a special relative word - which, who, whom, whose, when, where, why - 'relating to' the noun head: thus which he had recommended is comparable to the main clause He had recommended the book. The type illustrated by (that) he had recommended has an actual or potential that as subordinator and a missing element understood as likewise relating to the noun head: in 3 Some grammars restrict the term 'clause' tofiniteconstructions.

In kernel clauses at least, the phrase functioning as predicate always 26 The parts of speech: a preliminary outline contains a verb and, if it is a verb of the appropriate kind, may contain just a verb - this justifies our taking the verb to be the syntactically most significant element in the phrase, the head. Similarly we might compare (iii), where kind is shown to be head by the optionality of to her, with [They were] fond of her, where of her is not omissible. , a function characteristically filled by adjectival, not prepositional, expressions.

The -ly ending is not a necessary indication of adverb status because there are numerous adverbs not derived in this way; virtually all subclasses of adverb, however, contain -ly adverbs among their members, so that adverbs without this ending can generally be replaced by a -ly adverb without change of grammatical construction - witness [She was] very/exceptionally [strong], [She drove] well/carefully, [She decided] therefore/consequently [to reject it]. This is a factor which gives some unity to the set of functions where adverb phrases are found.

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