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By A.J. Hartley

Act of Will is a boisterous delusion event that introduces us to Will Hawthorne, a medieval actor and playwright who flees the experts in basic terms to discover himself inextricably certain to a gaggle of high-minded adventurers on a dangerous challenge. Will travels with them to a far off land the place they're charged with the research and defeat of a ruthless military of mystical horsemen, who look out of the mist leaving dying and devastation of their wake.In the process Will's uneasy alliance together with his new protectors, he has to get his pragmatic brain to just accept selfless heroism (which he thinks is absurd) and magic (which he does not think in). Will needs to finally make a decision the place his loyalties rather lie and what sort of he's ready to do--and believe--to rise up for them.

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You will have to come with us,” Mithos replied with a dissatisfied look in his dark eyes and a sigh in his voice. “What? ” exclaimed the girl. “He will get us all killed! At best he’ll slow us down and risk exposing us. ” “He won’t,” said Mithos grimly. It wasn’t so much a vote of confidence as a threat, and I recognized it as such. “You need us, Master Hawthorne,” he said with a half-smile. “And we can’t take the chance of leaving you behind to inform on us. If that offends you, consider us your ticket out of Cresdon.

They had their fingers about each other’s throats and were fighting for control of the soldier’s shortsword. The other soldiers, astonishingly, seemed to be already dead. Or stunned, perhaps, since I could see no blood or wounds. The black man joined the last remaining fight, lending his considerable strength to wrenching the officer’s sword from his hand. The officer glared furiously as his strength gave out; then the kid freed himself, hit him once, very hard, in the face, and watched him crumple to the floor.

Kids starve, or they get beaten to death by their so-called benefactors, or they get sold into slavery. I’m not trying to shock you or convince you that I’m some kind of hero for making it this long; but I don’t want you thinking you’re going to get a tale about some blue-eyed tyke with a heart of gold in a world where good triumphs over evil. You’re not, I’m not, and in my experience it never does. Just so we’re clear. Anyway. I lived less than half a mile from the theatre, but one of those impromptu markets which Cresdon’s residents seem so fond of had spontaneously appeared right outside the goldsmith’s on Aqueduct Street.

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