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This quantity offers paintings from six assorted teams engaged on a number of points of cycloaddition chemistry. Jos? Mascare?as supplies us a really attention-grabbing account of the chemistry of &Bgr;-alkoxy-&ggr;-pyrones and similar species. Al Padwa and Chris Staub speak about extra advances in rhodium carbenoid chemistry and the weird cycloaddition approaches attainable with those intermediates. greater order cycloadditions mediated through transition metals spotlight Jim Rigby's replace on his group's efforts during this region. Lily Lee and John Snyder current us with a close account of the indole ring as a dienophile, difficult us to contemplate the untapped power during this region. Brian Keay and Ian Hunt talk about the intramolecular Diels-Alder reactions of furan; a record that's either top-notch technological know-how, and what can be a nice studying instrument for college students who have to see how primary chemical rules can and will be utilized to man made difficulties. eventually, Kay Brummond introduces us to a brand new model of the Pauson-Khand reactions, one who will doubtless be extra exploited in efficient methods via her staff good into the long run.

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