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The procedure can only handle systems that can be transformed into a lower-triangular form; 3. Constraints on the inputs and states are not taken into account. The third drawback can be a major problem when designing for flight control, because the actuators of an aircraft have rate, bandwidth, and magnitude constraints. When the control signal demanded by the backstepping controller cannot be generated by the actuators, that is, the actuators saturate, stability can no longer be guaranteed. The problem becomes worse Adaptive Backstepping Flight Control for Modern Fighter Aircraft Fig.

It is assumed that the onboard model is very inaccurate). Finally, the same maneuvers are also simulated with a lockup at ┬▒10 deg of the left aileron. 1 Control parameter tuning We start with the selection of the gains of the static control law and the bandwidths of the command filters. Lyapunov stability theory only requires the control gains to be larger than zero, but it is natural to select the largest gains of the inner loop. Larger gains will, of course, result in smaller tracking errors, but at the cost of more control effort.

Post-Buckled Precompressed Techniques In Adaptive Aerostructures: An Overview," MD-08-1306 Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol. 132, Issue 3, March 2010. 2 Adaptive Backstepping Flight Control for Modern Fighter Aircraft L. P. A. Mulder Delft University of Technology The Netherlands 1. , 2007). , 1999, Fujimori et al. , 2008). Two different approaches can be distinguished in the design of these trajectory control systems. , 2001). Usually, the assumption is made that the autopilot response to heading and airspeed commands is first order in nature to simplify the design.

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