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2 Differentiating Eq. 10) with respect to U, and then using Eq. )V) 2ee ( 3 . 8 ) , we find D + dT/dV , where the incidence A, the density p and the speed V have been given their constant datum values (for the given state of steady flight) after the differentiation. The dressing ord (┬░) denotes that the aerodynamic derivative is expressed in ordinary units. 13) ip V S(C - ee L dC /da) D 32 Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response and, from Eq. 15) ip V S, Dividing Eqs. 19) . L The values of and Cp will be known for the steady flight conditions.

G. when u m compressibility and slipstream effects can be neglected. Aerodynamic Derivatives From Eq. 23) where K n is the static margin stick fixed (defined in Chapter 1 ) . When compressibility effects are taken into account, this simple relation between M w and Kn is M , Z and Z . 24) Now, in horizontal flight, constant. 25) Therefore *-V Z e wI Z u. 26) From Eqs. 27) DERIVATIVES DUE TO RATE OF PITCH X q9 Zq9 M q The derivatives dealt with so far have only involved the static characteristics of the aircraft.

This effect was first noticed in 1921 (reference 4 ) in an attempt to explain some discrepancies between measured and estimated values of M . q These terms arise because of the unsteady oscillatory motion of the wing following a disturbance. The changing incidence of the wing affects the flow field (and, in particular, the downwash) at the tail, and the main contribution to X , Z and M . w w w is due to the downwash lag at the tailplane. There is also a small contribution from the wing, which can be of special importance for tailless aircraft.

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