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Ariane 2/Ariane 3 Upgrades that provided more lift capability. The first and third stages of the Ariane 2 and 3 were lengthened from those of their predecessor to enable a longer burn time, and the engines of stages one, two, and three were increased in thrust. Ariane 3 had strap-on solid- or liquidpropellant boosters for additional power and flexibility. Out of a total of 17 launches, Ariane 2 flew successfully 5 A family of six medium- to heavy-lift launch vehicles. The Ariane 4 family builds upon a three-stage liquid-propellant core vehicle, the Ariane 40.

20, 1969 Jul. 24, 1969 8 days 3 hr Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins Apollo 12 Nov. 14, 1969 Nov. 19, 1969 Nov. 24, 1969 10 days 4 hr Conrad, Gordon, Bean Apollo 13 Apr. 11, 1970 — Apr. 17, 1970 5 days 23 hr Lovell, Swigert, Haise Apollo 14 Jan. 31, 1971 Feb. 5, 1971 Feb. 9, 1971 9 days 0 hr Shepard, Roosa, Mitchell Apollo 15 Jul. 26, 1971 Jul. 30, 1971 Aug. 7, 1971 12 days 17 hr Scott, Worden, Irwin Apollo 16 Apr. 16, 1972 Apr. 29, 1972 Apr. 27, 1972 11 days 1 hr Young, Duke, Mattingly Apollo 17 Dec.

M. ” In moments the interior was ablaze in the capsule’s pure oxygen atmosphere and the exterior became so hot that technicians were unable to make a speedy rescue. A postmortem revealed that the astronauts had died within seconds, principally from smoke inhalation. Ironically, while everything else but metal inside the capsule was badly burned, a portion of the flight plan survived with only a few pages singed. The postaccident inquiry laid most of the blame on a poorly designed hatch that was impossible to open in under 11⁄2 minutes and on the use of pure oxygen, which had allowed a small spark (possibly from poorly insulated wires under Grissom’s seat) to become a conflagration.

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