Pay Later Catalogs

Pay Later Catalogs

Pay Later Catalogs are, in most cases, the catalog version of online stores that let you shop now and pay for your items later. Another term for this offer is deferred billing. Stores have different pay later offers but usually you can get your order now but you won’t be charged for 1-3 months.

In most cases the store will ask to hold $1 on a check card or credit card but will not check your credit. Sometimes a store might do a soft pull of your credit report just to verify your name and address.

Pay later catalogs sometimes offer the buy now pay later option to their best customers. But, in many cases, you can use a deferred billing code even if you’ve never ordered from the catalog. Sometimes, stores send out their catalogs with special offers to new customers. The best part about pay later stores is that you don’t have to pay interest on your purchases. So, it’s better to use the buy now pay later option than making purchases with a credit card.

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