Shop Now Pay Later Sites

Shop Now Pay Later Sites

Shop now pay later sites are a type of special financing that is similar to deferred billing. Pay later stores don’t do credit checks or charge interest. Pay later shopping sites sometimes ask for a “pay later” or “deferred billing code” to be entered at checkout. So, you can go shopping now but not pay until later. The pay later option isn’t always available.

Pay Later Shopping

To shop at pay later sites you’ll need to have $1 available on a credit card. If using deferred billing, the store will charge you $1 as a pre-authorization. Pay later stores will bill you for the full amount of your purchase months later but send your items now. Deferred Billing is typically available at checkout. Sometimes, you can defer payments without a promotional code.

Bill Me Later

Once in a while, some of the stores that normally require a pay later code will offer the Bill Me Later option instead. Bill Me Later is different from buy now pay later sites because it requires a credit check. Also, Bill Me Later charges interest. In most cases, getting approved requires good credit.

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